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Our journey to create a conscious glamour is just getting started. We have been inspired by the things we have learned and motivated by the progress we have - and know we will continue - to make. We believe that transparency is an essential first step in this process and to this end, we are opening up the world of Olivia von Halle, so we can share our progress with you.

We have broken our Sustainability Program into four key areas; People, Planet, Product and Promise. We still have a way to go, but hope you’ll join us on our journey…



We are proud that we make products that can be loved and treasured for a lifetime, but we also recognise the importance of accounting for 'what happens next’. To this end, we will continue to work with the highest quality natural materials so that our products will ultimately biodegrade to ‘leave no trace’ on the earth.





We know that making clothes will always have an impact on our environment, but we are passionate about innovation and are committed to making improvements throughout all levels of the business, so that our impact may positively add to, rather than take from, the earth.





We want Olivia von Halle to have a positive impact on every person that comes into contact with the brand - from the farmers in China’s mulberry fields to the community local to our head office in Bloomsbury, London. Empowerment is an important brand value, and we aim to live this value at every moment.





We are committed to putting sustainable development at the heart of our business strategy and will endeavour to optimise all production and operations to reduce the impact we have on people and the planet.



We know we’re not perfect, but we’re proud of our efforts thus far and are excited for where our commitment to sustainability will take us. We will continue to press for more sustainable business practices and are eternally optimistic about the future however, we feel it’s important to be honest about the problems faced by our industry and by us as a small independently owned business.



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