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For those in know, our sumptuously silky pyjamas, robes, slip dresses and more are a seasonal gift-giving go-to. But while any discerning woman would be delighted to discover a beautifully beribboned OvH box with her name on it under the tree, the true challenge lies in carefully selecting its contents. Enter our comprehensive, zero-guesswork gift guide, which details the OvH pieces to please each lucky recipient on your list.

More is more less is a bore

For The All-Out Maximalist

Much like the fabulous magpies who paved the way for her (Iris Apfel, Diana Vreeland et al.), the all-out maximalist believes more is more and less is a bore. 

She finds joy in being surrounded by colour and curios – her townhouse is a riotous-yet-refined mish-mash of flea-market finds, patterned wallpapers and one-of-a-kind objets d’art – and in matters of dress she’s equally thrill-seeking. This Christmas, she’ll be delighted to unwrap any of our brighter, bolder creations: think the silk-velvet Lila Lumens pyjama with its screen-printed nightscape, the verdant Casablanca Musca in crêpe de chine, and the ruby-red, kimono-style Queenie Sylva with its bewitching botanical motif.  Meanwhile for those who adore a splash of kitsch – and certainly don’t take themselves too seriously – our whimsical Contessa Saffo slippers are sure to raise a smile.

Identify the essential edit out the rest

For The Modern Minimalist

Clean lines and hushed hues are the modus operandi of the modern minimalist. 

That rings true in her achingly tasteful modernist apartment, all Axel Vervoordt furniture, basalt ceramics and blue-chip artwork, as much as her enviable wardrobe – a tight edit of exquisite tailoring and crisp shirting that would make Carolyn Bessette Kennedy swoon. For her, gifts should be thoughtfully crafted, spare in design and slot seamlessly into her perfectly curated environs – both the fluid Bibi Nuit in a navy-blue silk-velvet and the streamlined Contessa Verona should fit the bill. And if luxurious trimmings are on the menu for the festive season, then the classic Coco Chocolate pyjama with its Swarovski crystal buttons and our ivory faux fur-trimmed Casablanca Kiki will certainly go down a treat.

Do not disturb on an eternal quest for comfort

For The Refined Homebody

It’s not to say the refined homebody doesn’t enjoy going out – it’s just that she does ‘staying in’ so very well. 

A living embodiment of ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, she’s set up weekly fresh produce deliveries from her local farm shop, has a dedicated fund just for scented candles and bath oils and believes nirvana can be found by a roaring log fire in the countryside under a pile of mohair blankets. This Christmas, she’ll be thrilled to unwrap anything that aids in her eternal quest for optimal comfort: think our Casablanca Nutmeg pyjama in breathable crêpe de chine, a deliciously soft eye mask or our tactile merino-wool Contessa Gaia slippers. But take heed: should she find our bead-adorned silk-velvet Capability Capella robe under the tree with her name on it, there’s absolutely no coaxing her out come New Year.

Glamour is a state of mind

For The Old Soul

The old soul yearns for bygone glamour. She finds her style inspiration in Nouvelle Vague films, rather than Instagram, and can pull off a red lip like no other.  She still subscribes to the paper, believes everything sounds better through a gramophone and couldn’t name a single reality-TV-star-slash-influencer if she tried. 

In short, she’s the perfect candidate for the brand-new Zsa Zsa, our 1950-style bralet set who’s named in tribute to the inimitable Zsa Zsa Gabor. Likewise, our mandarin-collared Harlow (as in Jean Harlow) in a plush green velvet should help realise her Golden-Age silver-screen dreams. In fact, you could say our entire Folies Exquises collection is tailormade for the woman with nostalgic tendencies. From our ostrich-patterned Alba Capricia to the playful Queenie Pegasus, each of our Erté-inspired screen-printed creations will appeal to her inner fashion-history nerd.

Anything but ordinary

For The Woman Who Has It All

You’ll need a lot to impress the woman who has it all. Or more specifically, you’ll need something out-of-the-ordinary. 

This ultra-discerning collector-connoisseur doesn’t shop but rather sources – be it a Pre-Raphaelite painting from her private dealer at Sotheby’s or the most flavoursome truffles imaginable from her ‘guy’ in Piedmont. In short, she’s tricky to please – but not impossible, should you select the shining star of our Folies Exquises collection, the sublime, screen-printed Capability Lumens. Or to be quite honest, anything from our hand-embellished, limited-run 18-piece Costumier capsule – from the sequinned Contessa Aquila slipper to luxurious Coco Capella pyjama – should have her nodding in approval. That said, if you’re really looking to wow this festive season, then it’s time to pull out the big guns: behold the faux-fur-trimmed, carousel-horse-adorned, amber-yellow Queenie Equus, easily our most over-the-top creation to date.

Whose parties are the stuff of legend

For The Consummate Hostess

A modern-day Betsey Bloomingdale or Elsa Maxwell, the consummate hostess throws dinners and cocktail parties that are the stuff of legend. 

Those lucky enough to receive one of her engraved invitations through their letterbox know to expect exquisite feasts, otherworldly tablescapes and scintillating conversation – but equally, pop by unannounced on a Tuesday evening and she’ll rustle up a restaurant-worthy dish (with dessert, too). How does she do it? No point trying to figure it out. But if you’re keen to show your appreciation, then allow it to be in the form of a striking Issa Florens or Bibi Ophanim slip dress she can wear at her next soiree. Equally any superstar at-home entertainer would adore an opulent Queenie Celandine in which she can “casually” greet those guests who actually show up at the stated time. And no fabulous hostess should be without a pair of our stately Contessa slippers – try the dazzling Zebedee for size.

Who hasnt had a night in since she was legally allowed out

For The Woman-About-Town

Good luck trying to pin down a date with the woman-about-town – this seasoned social butterfly and Instagram darling hasn’t had a night in since she was legally allowed out. 

For most, such a jampacked social schedule might threaten to interfere with their career; her work curiously seems to involve a whirlwind of gallery openings, activations and power lunches (all at someone’s else’s expense). Though she may be inundated with PR samples from labels dying to dress her, the gift of a brand-new going-out dress that shines as brightly as she does will never go unappreciated – and our electric Minnie Kiwi, Xena Saffron or Biby Ruby should land her a prime spot in the social pages. And if she’s the kind who believes getting ready is half the fun of the evening (and has an entire room in her flat for the sole purpose), then she’ll love nothing more than slipping into the screen-printed Queenie Lyra before she primes herself for the night.

Opulence is a way of life

For The Glamorous Globetrotter

Looking for the buzziest small-plates restaurant in Oslo or the most luxurious riad in Tangier? The glamorous globetrotter is your go-to.

An always-on-the-move citizen of the world, she lives between two bustling metropolises – but is rarely home at either – and switches between time zones and languages with ease. As a frequent flier, she’ll adore anything that makes getting from A to B a touch more enjoyable – say, a silk-cashmere Della tracksuit in which to strut around the airport and a breathable crêpe-de-chine Casablanca pyjama to switch into post-take-off.  For long-haul travel, an OvH eye mask is a must-have in-flight accessory – and the Aquila makes for an especially opulent option. And for the super-skilled packer who lives and dies by a carry-on only, our day-to-night, wear-with-anything Xena Chocolate is the ultimate luggage space-saver.



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