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Forbes: 'The Luxury Sleepwear Brand Redefining The World Of Pajamas'

''There’s a certain feeling that comes with buying a new piece of clothing: a need to protect this latest addition to your wardrobe, to save it for only the most special of occasions, to tuck it back into the garment bag after every wear—and let’s be honest, to make sure you get a good photo of it for Instagram. This sort of behavior is par for the course with the purchase of a new sundress, a cashmere coat, or a great pair of heels, but the last thing you’d expect to elicit this response are the contents of your pajama drawer. Typically a home for old concert tees and “borrowed” sweatshirts from exes, pajamas haven’t been a source of sartorial excitement since the days of Grace Kelly’s stylish nightgowns in Rear Window. But as modern brands like Olivia von Halle draw inspiration from the polished sleepwear of yesteryear and restore its long-lost elegance, it’s now more alluring than ever to, as Kelly’s character would say, “slip into something more comfortable”—both in and outside of the bedroom.''

Read the Forbes feature in full here.

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