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A Summer Well Spent, with Deborah Ababio

From London to Ibiza, via Cannes Film festival, with an apple martini in hand, British Vogue’s Deborah Ababio knows how to do summer well. Discover her exclusive tips and tricks as she shares a masterclass in summer style with OvH.

I had several locations in mind to shoot the pieces as they are so beautiful and quite versatile but I ended up shooting them in my home country of Ghana, Accra. The weather was glorious, and the palm trees and bright floral arrangements made for a great backdrop.

Ghana is incredibly beautiful, rich in its culture as well embodying so much talent within the arts and creative spaces. I was born and raised there and it will always be home.



What I love most about my chosen OvH pieces is the fact you can wear each piece individually or as a set, the yellow slip dress goes beautifully with the silk robe and can be worn outside during the day and night or lounging at home on the sofa or by a pool. The Silk Pajama set I styled with heels and will wear out but also, loved lounging in it. The Contessa Slippers are comfortable and I love the hand-embellished which makes a zebra motif when placed together, people use to call me Deborah the zebra at school so it seems quite fitting. *Smiles*



For me ways to stay luxe while on the go, would be having a great coat or jacket that can elevate any look then throw on a pair of sunglasses and you will be ready for anything while looking super chic.



Travel essentials for me means having options therefore I am not the best at editing my pieces or things to travel with. I do not understand the meaning of travel light or "carry on only" but if my life depended on it I will always choose a couple of pairs of sunglasses (I usually pack around 20 or more pairs) I know that sounds like a lot of sunglasses but what can I say, I love options and it just finishes off a look beautifully, no matter the outfit or occasion and of course a beautiful silk slip dress, like the Issa Primrose silk slip dress, couple pairs of heels, my phone, battery pack and big wool or silk scarf.



Fashion makes me feel empowered, and I love how creative you can be with your own individuality and sense of style.



I am rarely not working or travelling so when I do get a moment to self, you will find me lounging on the sofa binging watching and playing catch up on my favourite shows, and love doing that in either the Lila Ala silk satin Pajama set or the Queenie vita Silk crepe de chine robe.



I am really looking forward to summer and will be wearing my OvH pieces to more fabulous trips and events, such as the Cannes film festival, Wimbledon and sunny holidays like Ibiza, Ghana, Greece and Mexico.



...And lastly, what's your go-to order at the bar?


I am a cocktail girl, so it will always be something delicious and fruity, usually an apple martini or a vodka cranberry and lemonade with three slices of fresh lime, yep it has to be three because I am extra like that. *Smiles*









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