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The Business Of Leisure

In the world of Olivia von Halle, leisure is serious business. Always a forethought, never an afterthought. Which is to say, while a languorous weekend brunch en terasse might not hold the highest stakes, we consider it worthy of a luxurious uniform nonetheless. And so was designed the Vanderbilt, a classic and considered pajama pairing that encapsulates our commitment to unapologetic self-indulgence. Not that she’s ever one to broadcast it. Rather, with her breezy, throw-me-on silhouette in our next-generation woven cashmere, we can assure you the effort is ours alone.

The PureCash Collection

Cashmere, but not as you know it. This autumn, Olivia von Halle introduces the PureCash collection, a refined edit of quietly confident loungewear pieces in pared-back silhouettes. Crafted from our singular next-generation cashmere, which has been woven from the longest, finest yarns for a softness beyond compare, this is luxury in its purest, most sincere form.


Our Radziwill pajama is so named after the always-elegant Lee Radziwill, long cast in the history books as ‘Jackie’s Little Sister’. To her high-society contemporaries, however, the Capote swan embodied Upper East Side refinement, taste and beauty (some would argue more so than the First Lady, but really no need to compare). Much like her namesake, this soigné set – woven from 100% cashmere – may not occupy the spotlight but that only allows her to jet-set under-the radar in unmatched comfort. And though the uninitiated might not recognise the inherent elegance in her streamlined simplicity, those in the know will afford her all the attention she deserves.

Soft Power

Nothing exudes soft power quite like a luxurious robe. Forget the pant suits, forget the towering heels, forget the glass-clad corner offices (all mere props, in our view). The real play-makers are those who can call the shots from their chaises longues and break the internet in their bathrooms. In tribute, Olivia von Halle has crafted the Logan, a full-length shawl-collar creation in a singular woven 100%cashmere, cast in three muted hues that whisper rather than shout. For the woman who expects only the best, but equally has nothing to prove, this is Power Dressing 2.0.

100% cashmere. Nothing less, and nothing more.

Olivia von Halle is delighted to now introduce the next generation of cashmere, which reaffirms our commitment to crafting loungewear pieces of unmatched quality. Named the PureCash collection, these pared-back garments are woven from the finest yarns for a utilitarian-luxe feel.


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